Shark Copier Manual Tower Duplicators

NEW: Printer Controller

This standalone printer controller allows the user to quickly and easily submit and run optical disc print jobs from a variety of printers virtually anywhere.
Shark Copier Manual Tower Duplicators

NEW: Ripping Stations

Shark Copier Manual Tower Duplicators

Shark Copier Manual Tower Duplicators

The Shark Copier and SharkCopier SATA manual tower standalone duplicators are able to copy CD, DVD, & Blu-ray formats. The SharkCopier LS offers the added ability to print LightScribe labels through each drive simultaneously. Plus we offer the SharkCopier DC series that can connect multiple towers together controlled by a single source. The SharkNet allows the standalone duplicator to be connected on to the office network for convenient and easy image file transfers. The SlimMicro series offers all the benefits of the SharkNet series but in an amazingly compact unit for easy transport and greater convenience.
Flash Memory Towers

Flash Memory Tower Duplicators

Vinpower Digital has developed a line of flash memory duplicators including the USBShark™ USB duplicator and the SDShark™ SD/Micro SD duplicator. Both the USBShark™ and SDShark™ flash duplicators make quick reliable copies on to either USB or SD/Micro SD flash memory devices in a multitude of applications including computers, smart phones, portable gaming devices, and more.
Light-Scribe Laser Labeling Duplicator

Laser Labeling Duplicators

The SharkCopier LS, TITAN Supreme LS, TITAN lite LS & The Cube LS are the world's first standalone LightScribe capable publishing systems. With the ability to copy and print on every drive simultaneously in a single unit, these LS models save time and money. The SharkNet LS allows the standalone LS capable duplicator to be connected on to the office network for convenient and easy file transfers.
Robotic Autoloaders

Robotic Autoloader Duplicators

Available in a multitude of sizes and disc capacity, the Vinpower CD/DVD and Blu-ray autoloader duplicators are the best robotic optical disc copiers available with the TITAN Supreme, TITAN lite & The Cube. Each model also has the option of adding standalone LightScribe capability.
Duplicator Components

Duplicator Controllers

Our manual tower and autoloader controllers offer the highest quality disc duplication. Our Bare Bone duplicators provide the Vinpower controller pre-installed in our stylish aluminum case for better quality and style.
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