Robotik Autoloader Duplicators


Mass production has never been so easy and affordable. Our autoloader series gives you complete reliability, large disc capacity, and more time rolled into one, all at a low cost. We offer the full TITAN series including the lite & Supreme, as well as The Cube. Whatever the volume we have an autoloader for the job.

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The Cube

The Cube Series

With its extremely compact frame comprised of 1, 2 or 3 drives and 25 to 60 disc capacity The Cube is the perfect office accessory.

Titan Lite

Titan lite / Titan lite II

With its compact frame the TITAN lite comes with 3 drives and 100 disc capacity with the ability to upgrade to 200 disc capacity making it perfect for any environment.

Titan Supreme

Titan Supreme

The TITAN Supreme offers 4, 6, or 8 drives with 1000 disc capacity and the ability to copy a single master or multiple masters 24/7 unattended in a more robust and modular frame making it perfect for the industrial user.