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Slim Micro Blu-ray / DVD / CD Duplicator

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Slim Micro Blu-ray Duplicator
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The SlimMicro duplicator is the perfect blend of style, performance and convenience. Offering the exceptional duplication capabilities and added features of our top of the line SharkCopier series, the SlimMicro’s compact size is a space saver and is much easier to travel with. Offering 4 or 5 slim writer DVD or Blu-ray drives with a large hard drive offers quick reliable production anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

In addition to the space saving nature of the SlimMicro, it also comes standard with many exceptional features such as copy connection and DVD video copy protection as well as many other exceptional features that are original to Vinpower Digital duplication products. If quality and performance are important, and you require something more compact in size, then the SlimMicro series is the perfect solution.