Regardless of the size, shape, or capacity of the USB Pen Drive, Vinpower's USB Duplicators can copy it.


While the storage capacity on USB pen drives (also referred to as thumb drives) continues to increase, the physical volume of the pen drive is constantly evolving and shrinking. The latest pen drive offering from PNY is about the size of a coin, but has a storage capacity up to 64GB. Essentially you can carry the contents of your laptop’s hard drive on a pen drive that fits in a coin purse.

Unlike optical discs, pen drives come in many shapes, sizes, and capacities. Fortunately, Vinpower takes that into consideration when we designed our USB duplicator. The Vinpower USBShark USB Duplicator series works with virtually any size USB pen drive and can copy asynchronously regardless of the size of the content. So if you need to transfer content from a USB pen drive to multiple other USB pen drives, or any flash device for that matter, Vinpower has the equipment that will make the task incredibly simple, quick, and reliable.

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