Coming Soon: A new Plextools Disc Analyzer Software from Vinpower

Hard Drive Duplicators


The new Plextools is a software, developed by Vinpower Digital, designed to test the quality and reliability of recordable media. The optical disc duplication market is still very strong, but it’s hard to know whether the recordable media you are using or the hardware you’re using to record them with, is producing a good quality recorded disc. Wouldn’t it be better to know in advance whether your recorded media has issues or would you rather wait for your upset customers to inform you when they call to complain about the quality? Vinpower’s Plextools will analyze the media and give the user a clear readout as to the media’s quality.

Plextools Key features:

  • Support for CD, DVD and BD drives/media
  • Read / write transfer rate
  • Detailed drive information
  • Detailed disc information
  • Details about which drive burned the media, including model and FW for DVD-R and BD-R
  • Disc quality tests: C1/C2, PI/PO, BIS/LDC
  • TE / FE test*
    *Available with the premium version Plextools software

Contact Vinpower or your local Vinpower representative to learn more about this software and when it will be available.


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