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Most people may not even be aware that there are two kinds of single layer 25GB BD-R media. But there are indeed two distinctly different manufacturing processes in which recordable blu-ray media is made. There’s the High to Low (HTL) and the Low to High (LTH). Without getting into technical terms, the simple difference is that HTL media (which is the most common version) is made using an inorganic process and requires a dedicated Blu-ray production line to produce. The LTH media is created using an organic process and can be manufactured using a converted DVD production line.

So what’s the point of having both HTL and LTH? The key is costs. When a manufacture has to purchase a whole new production line, which costs hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, then those costs are depreciated into the costs of the discs that are produced. When a manufacture can pay just a few thousand dollars to convert an existing DVD production line to produce LTH BD-R discs, then the overall costs are decreased and the media becomes cheaper. So why isn’t the LTH media that much cheaper than the HTL media now? The reason is volume. Since LTH BD-R is not as popular, there are fewer manufactures producing it and so the smaller volumes produced means a higher per disc cost. If the LTH BD-R was produced in the quantities as the HTL, then we would see a significant cost savings and we’d all win. The manufacturers would have lower costs, the customers would have lower pricing, and more people would have access to the better quality HD video from 25GB Blu-ray discs.

So why is LTH less popular than HTL? The reason was that LTH came to market later than HTL, so there were compatibility issues with recorders and players. However, those issues have long been resolved through firmware updates and by the hardware manufacturers adopting both media formats when producing current and future hardware. Now that you know the difference between HTL and LTH BD-R, you can decide which is the best option for you.

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Optical Quantum 6x 25GB LTH BD-R Media White Inkjet Printable 50 Packs Disc
Optical Quantum's 6x BD-R LTH media, with a white inkjet printable surface, offers the best of both worlds, incredibly large 25GB capacity with great compatibility, at a low cost point. Using a blue-violet laser, the disc can be recorded with High-Definition (HD) video or large capacity data files, for a vastly improved picture and sound quality or large capacity electronic storage space for the best recordable media on the planet. BD-R LTH works just like standard recordable Blu-ray media, but the special Gold color lets you know it's a little different. BD-R LTH media is manufactured with an organic dye that turns the disc's reflectivity during recording from "low to high". The key hardware manufacturers like Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic and LG have worked to assure that their burners are fully compatible with BD-R LTH. If your Blu-ray hardware was manufactured before 2009, check with the manufacturer for firmware updates.


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