Standalone duplicators offer better protection against computer viruses

Computer viruses are becoming far more prevalent and those developing these viruses are finding more unique and clever ways to infect computers and even mobile devices through flash devices. You could receive a flash device, such as a USB pen drive or SD card, from a trade show or as a promotional item and unbeknownst to you or the person that gave it to you, there’s a virus hidden within. These viruses could infect your computer or mobile device immediately upon inserting that flash item into your device. So what can you do to prevent this?

The best thing to do is perform a full erase function using a standalone Vinpower flash duplicator. The reason our standalone flash duplicators are safe to operate even though the flash media might contain a virus is because the controller card for our devices are not based on a Microsoft or Apple operating system, but a more protected proprietary technology developed by Vinpower. That way the virus is flushed away before it has a chance to infect its intended target, your computer, tablet, or phone. Using the Vinpower Flash Duplicator(s) to completely delete all previous material, wipes out any existing content, including the virus, and limits the exposure that could put your computer or other device(s) at risk through the simple act of merely plugging in a flash device.

Avoid the hassles and potential devastating loses by ordering a Vinpower standalone flash duplicator today, go to or contact a Vinpower representative near you.



Flash Memory Tower Duplicators
Flash memory is becoming a much greater tool in data/content storage and distribution. With the small size of and convenient nature of USB pen drives as well as SD and MicroSD cards, plus the reduced costs and rewritable nature, they are quickly gaining favor in nearly every aspect of society. Since flash memory can only be reproduced through duplication, Vinpower Digital’s series of Flash Duplicators make a great accessory to any office or workshop. These standalone flash duplicators offer the world’s first true asynchronous operation for any size/capacity flash device.

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