Vinpower manufacturers’ hardware, has its own line of recordable media, and is intimately involved with drive manufacturers, which makes us the ultimate expert in Duplication.

Whether you’re looking for a new duplicator, controllers, blank media, or replacement drives, Vinpower Digital is your one stop shop. No other company in the industry is as intimately involved in all aspects of the duplication market as Vinpower Digital. It’s that investment and determination to be the best which has allowed Vinpower to become the go to company for duplication equipment/media suppliers and manufacturers. When you’re spending money to acquire a company’s product(s), you’re relying on the expectation that the hardware and media will work flawlessly together and that it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to purchase or operate.

Vinpower has always believed that in order to make the best hardware, it had to understand the mentality and requirements of the customers. So we have always worked feverishly to see how we can improve and what allows the media and hardware to work best together. To further enhance the end user’s experience, we have worked hand in hand with the largest manufacturers of optical media and drives, even creating our own exclusive lines of each to ensure we’re offering the best solutions for our customers.

So whether you’re a manufacture looking for a complimenting element (like controllers or drives), a reseller looking for a top quality product line that offers a strong return and support, or simply an end user that wants to make sure they receive reliable products that are affordable and last, then Vinpower is your ultimate super shop. For more details about Vinpower’s full line of products, visit or contact a Vinpower representative near you.



Titan Supreme™ SATA Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Automated Duplicator
When your business requires the added edge in overnight continuous duplication with the highest degree of reliability and functionality, the TITAN SUPREME is the answer. This unit is the most robust in our line of autoloaders and is specially designed to perform under the most grueling of continuous duplication conditions. With a revamped robotic arm and spindles that never need to be realigned, the autoloader will provide years of faithful continuous operation. The Supreme offers all the exceptional abilities of our TITAN series with a more modular design for easier hardware upgradeability and maintenance in the future. Meaning, any upgrades, modifications, or repairs can be performed quickly and easily so that the unit is back in production with minimal downtime.

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