Vinpower Digital now offers the option of LightScribe capability on all Daisy Chain Duplicator series

The Vinpower Digital line of Daisy Chain duplicators have always been a far more convenient and fast way to make large volumes of copies, but now they also offer the LightScribe printing feature for even greater capabilities. With the ability to link thousands of towers to run simultaneously from a single master source means the user can copy and print thousands of CD’s or DVD’s in minutes. Plus the LightScribe printing feature will save money because the user will not need to buy replacement ink or ribbons like a conventional disc printer.

The LightScribe capable Daisy Chain duplicator line just simply makes perfect sense for those with high volume jobs and need to adhere to a budget.


SharkCopier Daisy Chain DC Duplicator

April 16, 2010 on 03:02 pm | by Ryan Swerdloff

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