Vinpower Digital expands its flash media duplicator offering to include the SD/Micro SD Duplicator series

The use of the SD and micro SD card is expanding dramatically given the reduction in cost and the small size which makes it more compatible with small but powerful CE products like cell phones, cameras, and even TV’s. Because of this, more and more businesses are storing or distributing content on these cards which makes it less and less convenient if you have to use an adapter for every card to fit in your existing USB duplicator or a SD Duplicator that doesn’t provide a Micro SD slot.

The Vinpower Digital SD/Micro SD Duplicator allows the user to directly plug in either SD or Micro SD cards and make as many copies as needed right away.


SDShark Tower Duplicators Vinpower

April 29, 2010 on 04:16 pm | by Ryan Swerdloff

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