Optical Quantum DVD+R Media DL

Due to the fact that Blu-ray players upscale DVD video, DVD+R DL uncompressed content is gaining in popularity

Blu-ray players not only allow the viewer to appreciate the incredible clarity and resolution of Blu-ray video, but it also allows DVD Video to be enhanced to near HD quality giving DVD’s a better look. However, many people compress their video content to fit on the single layer recordable DVD because it is slightly cheaper. However, when the content is compressed, the picture quality suffers. To get the best resolution, using a larger double layer recordable DVD allows the Blu-ray player to broadcast the highest resolution giving a better picture.

Optical Quantum offers top quality DVD+R DL media produced under the guidelines of the original Japanese DL production process for the greatest compatibility. This allows the Optical Quantum DVD+R DL to work with the greatest number of duplication methods as well as players.


Available DVD+R DL Options:

  • Logo Top: Optical Quantum Branded discs
  • Silver Top: Non-coated silver surface
  • Inkjet Printable - White: Inkjet Printable with a White surface
  • Inkjet Printable – White Glossy: Inkjet Printable with a Glossy White surface
  • Thermal Printable - White: Thermal Printable with a White surface.
  • Everest Thermal Printable - White: Everest Thermal Printable with a White surface.
  • Water Resistant Inkjet Printable – White: Water Resistant Inkjet Printable with a White surface

June 24, 2010 on 07:06 am | by Ryan Swerdloff

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