Vinpower Digital’s USB duplicator is certified to work with the largest flash storage devices available

Vinpower Digital does not believe in limitations, so our USB duplicators should not be limited by the size of the storage device that needs to be copied. So we went out in search of the largest flash USB drive we could find. We heard rumors of a 512GB pen drive, but our research had not turned up an true accounts. The largest we could find and test was the 256GB pen drive, which copied with no problems at all.

USB Flash Memory Tower Duplicators Vinpower

Not satisfied that this was a true enough test to prove there were no capacity restrictions we searched for the largest digital storage device with a USB connection and we settled on a 2TB external connection HDD. After numerous successful runs, we are satisfied that the Vinpower Digital USB duplicators can stand up to the rigorous requirements of even the most demanding customers. Can the competition say the same?

USB Flash Memory Tower Duplicators Vinpower

August 2, 2010 on 04:08 pm | by Ryan Swerdloff

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