Vinpower Digital now offers the option of adding an eSATA external connection to all duplicators equipped with PC connectivity

Vinpower was the first to offer a true PC connection for a dedicated standalone duplicator. In fact, no other controllers available can offer a way to connect a standalone duplicator to a PC whereby any files can be transferred from the PC to the duplicator's HDD for greater convenience and reliability. Until now, the only way to connect the duplicator to a PC was through a USB or firewire connection, that is until Vinpower introduced its new eSATA connection.

What are the benefits of eSATA over USB or firewire? Firstly, eSATA does not have to translate data between the interface and the computer like USB and firewire. That means that since the user is connecting an eSATA cable from a PC to a SATA connected drive, it will provide a truer and more stable data transfer as opposed to connecting a SATA device like the HDD or optical drive to a PC through an alternate connection like USB or such. Secondly, because of this, eSATA has a much faster data transfer rate allowing files to be sent from the PC to the duplicator at speeds as high as 3Gb/sec, while USB 2.0 for instance is only 480Mb/sec. This greatly decreases the amount of time needed to download a file to the duplicator thus increasing the duplication production.

So if you're truly interested in improving your throughput and decreasing the idle time needed to create and prepare a master, using an eSATA connection on your future SharkCopier or other compatible Vinpower duplicator would be your best option.


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