Vinpower's series of TITAN autoloaders continue to work successfully in the field even after years of constant use in a 24/7 duplication environment.

When we first introduced the Vinpower Digital series autoloader duplicators back in 2004, we had no idea we would have units still operating in the field some nearly 7 years later. When we built these systems, they were designed for reliability more so than speed, so when people complained about the slower than expected speed of the robotics, we answered by saying slow and steady wins the race, remember the slow tortoise beat the speedy hare at the end of the race!

With the specialized vacuum picker and industrial robotics, the TITAN series autoloaders have proven to be tremendously reliable and an indispensible piece of equipment amongst many major duplication facilities. If you are looking for a way to increase duplication production and decrease your headaches and downtime, the TITAN series of autoloaders is your solution


TITAN Autoloaders

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