Vinpower Digital announces its expansion into Europe, Middle East & Africa with an office in Germany.

Vinpower has expanded its reach in the EMEA region by establishing an office for faster delivery and greater customer support into these key markets.

Los Angeles, CA, USA (October 25, 2011)Vinpower Digital proudly announces that it has established a sales and support office in Europe to meet the needs and demands of the expanding international market. The newest Vinpower office is conveniently located in Wiesbaden, Germany. Germany was chosen, as it is a central hub to reach the European, Middle East, and African (EMEA) markets quickly and professionally. Vinpower Digital EMEA boasts an incredibly knowledgeable staff that has years of experience in both selling and supporting the full line of Vinpower products.

In today’s world, sales can be made from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world without issue.  However, the key lies in the support provided and expediency at which the product can safely arrive to the customer.  The Vinpower EMEA office provides quick and reliable delivery anywhere throughout the European, Middle East and African territory.  Plus, staffing sales people from the region helps Vinpower better understand and fulfill the requirements of its customer base, compared to those companies that have no presence in the region and merely handle orders through Taiwan, China, or from the USA. 

“Vinpower prides itself in developing partnerships with savvy, quality companies and individuals who chose to work with us rather than just having an anonymous customer base, focused solely on price,” stated Ryan Swerdloff, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.  “Since customers expect to get real time answers and service if there are any problems, it is hard to maintain strong customer support when the sales force and technicians are multiple time zones away. These are major factors in why Vinpower established an office in Europe so that we can be responsive to the customer’s needs and quickly provide products or solutions, often within minutes or at most within a day or so.”

Local sales and support is especially needed since Europe is a continent with many different cultures and languages. To meet these circumstances and better support customers in that region, Vinpower EMEA offers multi-lingual product information at its new website http://vinpower.eu and will continue to add more languages in the future.

With offices in the Americas, Europe, China, and Taiwan, Vinpower can provide quick fulfillment, support, or advice anywhere in the world.  This is just another reason in the long list of why Vinpower is the company to keep!

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