Vinpower now offers a line of specialty Archival Media with the longest certified storage capabilities

Keeping back-ups on optical media is becoming more and more important as it’s being seen as the only true incorruptible and safest method of storage.  Optical disc is the only medium that cannot be altered or infected with viruses after it’s been burned onto the discs.  Flash media like USB or hard drives, even with encryption software, can be altered, or infected with viruses or spyware that can compromise the information stored.  Also, and even worse for the casual consumer, the data stored can be erased, leaving potentially critical files or priceless mementoes, like pictures, gone forever.  Even the new craze of Cloud storage can be hacked or subject to exposure, which could again lead to information being altered, erased, or even distributed to parties that were not intended to view or have knowledge of that information.  Even traditional DVD or CD is not completely safe as time and environment could cause saved data to eventually erode and potentially disappear or the disc can become unreadable, which prevents data content recovery.
These are risks, even if they are small, that are often too big to accept for the government, financial or legal institutions, medical, education, business, all the way to the everyday person on the street.  So how does one protect their valuable content and know that it will be available to them or anyone in the future without fear or having that content become lost, damaged, or exposed?

Vinpower’s new line of long life archival grade media is the answer!  Vinpower’s line of M-DISC™ archival media will allow any user to copy any digital content onto these optical discs and know that it will remain exactly as it was stored for many many years into the future.  Plus, by keeping it on a physical media, the user can safely lock up the disc(s) preventing potential unknown hackers from capturing the content.  The Vinpower M-DISC™ is the perfect choice for safety and longevity for any digital content from confidential documents to pictures of your child’s first birthday party!


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