Vinpower is the only manufacturer to offer a true copy connect feature through their lines of standalone duplicators

The typical way to operate a standalone duplicator is to take a prerecorded master disc (typically a project that exists on the user's PC, which is burned onto a recordable disc creating the "Master Disc") for whatever project they want to duplicate. That master disc is then inserted into the duplicator's reader drive along with blank discs, for which the content is intended to be copied, and then the duplicator is activated to perform the copy procedure. It is not incredibly complicated but is not the most efficient way to initiate the copy procedure.

For this reason, Vinpower invented the Copy Connection feature, which eliminates the need to create that first master disc. The feature works by transferring the content intended to be copied directly from a PC or even across a network and load it onto the duplicator’s hard drive (HDD). Once stored on the duplicator’s HDD, the user can initiate the copy process immediately, saving time and effort.

After Vinpower introduced this feature, competitive controller manufacturers tried to piggyback on Vinpower's success by offering similar features. However, the Vinpower version still reigns supreme due to the fact that it doesn't require some complicated third party software adaption to work. Vinpower's copy connection works through standard Window's point click operation whereas with a simple driver update. The competitor's version requires a 3rd party software that is not intuitive and is far more complicated and time consuming than the process it's trying to replace.

So don't let fancy titles or misrepresentations that others offer the same features as Vinpower Digital fool you into thinking the features are exactly the same. Vinpower thinks about what will make the user's life easier, our competitors simply think, how they can match what Vinpower offers. Don't find out the hard way that it's easier to pretend to offer Vinpower's features than to actually match them. Instead, just purchase the Vinpower brand and avoid the hassles.


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