Vinpower Digital's controller offers superior Blu-ray duplication capability compared to both competing controllers and most optical disc burning software!

As a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), Vinpower has been thoroughly committed to the advancement of the Blu-ray format. Which is why it is no surprise that informal testing and market data has shown that Vinpower Digital’s controllers have demonstrated consistent superiority when it comes to Blu-ray duplication. Vinpower has long established a reputation for high quality controllers including being the first to develop and introduce many mainstream feature sets, such as standalone LightScribe printing, Copy Connect, Load & Copy, and many others. However, at the time we first entered the controller market, the DVD and CD formats were very well established and the consumers took time to be educated about the true advantages for the Vinpower controller.

With the introduction of Blu-ray, Vinpower, having already laid the groundwork for what was needed to fine-tune the controller, was able to meet quickly the many complex Blu-ray requirements in a multi-drive standalone duplication environment. Therefore, we easily applied that adaptation to our Blu-ray duplication feature on our controller, creating the application for burning flawless copies using nearly any brand of Blu-ray media across all Blu-ray writer drives. In fact, Vinpower is possibly the only controller manufacturer that fully supports and has tested results across all BD formats, including the high capacity 100+GB BDXL format.

The Vinpower controller has consistently shown very low to zero burning failure rates with flawless playback capability. Competitor’s controllers often have a much higher burning failure rate and it is not uncommon for the successfully burned discs to freeze or have some other visible defect during playback. So if you are in the business of burning Blu-ray media or even if you only burn them occasionally, making sure you're duplicator is using the Vinpower controller will often make the difference between getting a perfectly copied Blu-ray disc or wasting money due to increased failed discs.

Controller for Blu-ray duplication

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