Now available, the new 6 drive Aero series autoloader duplicator!

The trademark TITAN series of standalone autoloaders from Vinpower Digital has been a huge success in the market due to the TITAN's reliability and efficiency. In fact it became a benchmark for other standalone autoloaders to compare themselves to. Yet if there was one knock on the systems, it was the perceived lack of speed for the robotics. Even though, like with most moving objects, such as cars, speed kills, often causing errors and stopping the autoloader before the job is done. Even though slow and steady often wins the race, we listened to the requests from our loyal customers and set out to make a reliable autoloader that still offers a sizeable capacity and at least 6 burning drives with a robotic arm that is considerably faster than the TITAN series, but still retains the reliability and convenience. Thus the Aero series was born.

The Aero series, originally only available in 2 or 4 drive configurations, is now available with 6 drives and 660 disc capacity. The Aero is the perfect blend of old traditional values and new supped up technology. Plus with a price point below most other similar loaders on the market, The Aero series makes the most sense financially as well as performance wise. The Aero 6 drives autoloader is the top choice for any company or individual that needs to duplicate medium to large jobs in the shortest period of time!

Controller for Blu-ray duplication

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