Vinpower offers a new upgraded Gigabit Ethernet/LAN Network Card with added USB 3.0 connection for faster transfer rates.

As technology shifts in the content duplication and storage fields, the emphasis is often on how to produce larger files faster. With Blu-ray stretching the boundaries of storage capacity, content producers are creating larger and larger files. With global accessibility, many of those producing the content do not have to be in the same office or even the same continent as those who need to disseminate that content.

That's why Vinpower upgraded its latest network card, providing data transfer rates 5 times faster than the previous model. Our current network board is compatible with 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet/LAN connections and allows a user to transfer files across their network onto a standalone duplicator's* internal hard drive (HDD) for quick and convenient duplication or storage. Our network board also offers the ultra fast USB 3.0 (which is backwards compatible with USB 2.0) to quickly transfer files from a dedicated computer as well.

Contact Vinpower today for more information on our network capable duplicators or network interface boards for use with your own duplication equipment*.

*Requires Vinpower controller with Copy Connect functionality installed.

Controller for Blu-ray duplication

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