New Xerox "lite edition" Disc Duplicators Make Burning High Quality DVD/CDs More Affordable.

For many businesses it's tough to find the "just right" solution to copying CDs or DVDs. Say you need to distribute 50 copies of a sales-training video on DVD to your team once a quarter. Copying the DVDs one-at-a-time is inefficient, but purchasing a duplicator during today's challenging business climate might be a financial stretch.

With this in mind, Xerox (NYSE:XRX) today introduced the Xerox le (lite edition) Disc Duplicator series. Priced nearly 30-percent less than the standard Xerox Disc Duplicator, the "le" series manual tower duplicators range from one to 15 writer drives and provide businesses a quick and inexpensive way to make multiple copies of CDs and DVDs.

The "le" models include the essential duplication elements required to reliably deliver high-quality copies, and they also are simple to operate. The user simply inserts a single master into the top reader drive, and the duplicator copies the content onto the corresponding blank media located in the writer drives below.

Controller for Blu-ray duplication

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