Vinpower Digital's market leading Copy Connect feature
works with a broad array of interfaces.

Vinpower Digital's Copy Connect feature has long been utilized and adapted within the Vinpower line of duplicators as well as with quite a number of our OEM partners. However, to this point, it is most closely recognized as working with only the USB 2.0 connection.
The truth is that the Copy Connect feature can work with a number of connections, such as:

• USB 2.0
• USB 3.0
• Giga LAN

So if you want to get the most out of your duplicator, purchase a Vinpower Digital model with the copy connect feature and choose the connection that best matches your needs.
Copy Connect is a feature which allows the user to transfer digital content from a computer (PC or Mac*) or via a given network to the duplicator's HDD for faster and easier duplication.

*Copy Connect feature requires installation of the free accompanying PC or Mac compatible software


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