Vinpower Digital's Hard Drive (HDD) Duplicator has proven to be an excellent IT office accessory.

TITAN Supreme Comparison

Typically, when an office worker upgrades their computer or a new hire is assigned a new computer, the most crucial element of that process is to ensure that the employee has all of the proper software and files on the computer's hard drive so that they don't miss a beat.It seems simple enough, just load the files from one HDD to the other, but in practice it is a lot more involved than that.

Trying to load all of the programs and files from an existing HDD to the new one could take far too long and is a tedious task when being accomplished manually, but with a Vinpower HDD Duplicator, it's incredibly easy and fast to use. In the smart copy mode, the HDD duplicator can transfer content at 150 mb/sec, all found files from the original HDD to another HDD, even if the HDD to be copied onto is considerably larger than the master version.

Think about the savings in time and expenses when using this simple yet powerful HDD Duplicator at your office.


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