Vinpower's controllers can support multiple HDD's within a single duplicator for greater storage capacity.

TITAN Supreme Comparison

There have been numerous occasions we've heard from customers that they wish they could get more hard drive capacity, but it's either too costly or there isn’t a single HDD big enough to match their storage requirements.

The cost savings are significant, as in many cases, it's cheaper to purchase 2 smaller capacity HDD's compared to 1 very large HDD. Take for instance, at today's rates, it’s cheaper to purchase two 1.5 TB HDD than to purchase one 3 TB HDD. Allowing a user to capture the best price point, while maximizing the storage capacity, is a real best buy!

The second factor is simply not having enough storage capacity. This is especially true for Hi-Def content, even when using a 2 TB HDD. Whether the user is a production house, or an amateur videographer, it’s not unusual for content to overload a single HDD. That is why Vinpower has programmed its controllers to accept multiple HDD’s in a single duplicator, to allow the user greater flexibility in controlling costs and overall storage capacity.

So if you're tired of being limited by other less user-friendly duplicators, contact Vinpower to learn more about and other market leading features.


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