When picking a duplication controller for large-scale duplication production, don’t make a decision based solely on price per unit; instead look at the bigger picture about how the controller affects your bottom line regarding speed and performance.

CeBIT 2013

Often times, people are confused by thinking that all controllers are the same and that price is the final determinant over which model they should purchase. But much like purchasing a new car, there are a lot of factors to pay attention to that will give the user the true value of the purchase. Vinpower Digital’s controller is specially designed to eliminate common plagues to alternative controllers, such as speed drop issues, defective burns, and similar issues, especially when utilized in a high production duplication environment. In doing so, the Vinpower controller does actually have a measurable speed advantage over alternative controllers.

Often times, when using recording drives in a multi-drive environment, one of the drives might not be able to maintain the same burning speed as the rest, resulting in a speed drop, which would alter the speed of the duplication progress and potentially negatively affect the quality of the recording. Vinpower has virtually eliminated the occurrence of speed drop and maintained the continuity of all drives burning in harmony. This increases production time by decreasing the amount of time it takes to burn. Additionally, the Vinpower controller will reduce the volume of bad burns, saving money by not requiring the user to throw out discs that have not burned properly. As an example, if the Vinpower controller can decrease the number of bad burns by a number as low as 0.5% compared to your existing controller, then that’s a significant additional quantity of discs that are not wasting money by being thrown in the trash or recycled. Under this example, not only would the Vinpower controller be faster but also in the long run the money saved from fewer defective discs, would more than make up for any potential price differential.

So if you work in, know of, or own a duplication house, Vinpower’s duplication controller is your best bet. Regardless of the initial cost of an alternative controller, we’re certain that it can’t match the speed, cost performance, or reliability of Vinpower’s line of superior controllers. Contact Vinpower Digital today for more details


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