Vinpower's USB duplicators can come with optional upgraded power supplies to better accommodate the large capacity external HDD's with USB connections.

CeBIT 2013

With an almost exponential increase in the amount of required storage, many people of turning to external hard drives (HDD’s) for additional capacity or so that they can more easily share content across multiple computers. However, these external HDD’s also require more power than a single socket in a USB duplicator is designed to provide.

Vinpower recognized this issue and instead of forcing users to minimize the number of external USB HDD’s they can connect to a single USB duplicator, we decided to work to boost the power flowing through each socket to accommodate the greatest number of external HDD’s at one time.

So if you require a USB duplicator that can perform a series of external HDD duplications at one time, contact a Vinpower representative and ask about securing a Vinpower USB duplicator with the added upgraded power supply to significantly boost your throughput!


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