Scientists in England are researching ways of using crystals to create an optical disc capable of storing 360 TB of data on a single disc!

CeBIT 2013

Superman may be a mythical comic book character that embodies the ultimate aspirations in human attributes and abilities, but not everything in his fictional world is that farfetched. I recently read an online article (http://www.dailytech.com/Scientists+Create+360+TB+Superman+Crystal+Discs/article31933.htm) that has expanded on a theme Vinpower has been suggesting of late, the evolution of optical media. While some want to announce the death of physical media, the reality is that optics is the fastest, most secure, and best way to store and transfer data. This “Super” disc expands on the 3D concept I discussed a couple of weeks ago in which a laser can write and read far more content then what is currently being offered.

As impressive as the potential for a 360 TB recordable disc is, (understand that 1 TB equals more than 1,000 GB’s), you may ask, who would need that? Think about all of the archival data that government institutions are required to keep, or the number of server farms companies like Apple and Google require to maintain the huge concentration of content they retain, then think about how valuable it would be to these institutions to store that archived content on a series of discs that could fit in a single filing cabinet. To keep it even simpler, think about an individual’s typical home storage needs given then amount of digital content, like photo’s, videos, movies, music, emails, etc., and where that was 10 years ago and where we are today. Just for myself personally, I had a 40GB HDD 10 years ago with plenty of room to spare. Today I have nearly filled up the 1 TB HDD I use now. So if my storage needs increased by nearly 25 times in 10 years, where will we all be 10 years from now!


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