Vinpower uses the more reliable push spring technology on SD and Micro-SD/TF Card slots, to ensure a more secure connection.

When it comes to SD duplicators, there are a lot of differences between the Vinpower models and the competition. Most competitors only offer a slot for the standard size SD card rather than a separate Micro SD/TransFlash Card slot, requiring an adapter. Vinpower offers SD duplicators with up to 63 target slots, where many others are limited to far fewer. Additionally, all competitive systems, that we are aware of, only use the standard push slots for the card openings, leaving the user to guess whether the card was correctly inserted into the slot or not. In using the push spring slots for both the standard size and Micro/TransFlash card slots, the user is assured that the card was correctly inserted and that it will be copied accurately.

Ultimately, all anyone wants is to be able to make copies without hassle or spending too much time trying to insert the card correctly into the card slot. Vinpower wants to make the task easier and more reliable, as is our goal with all the equipment we manufacturer. To learn more or to purchase Vinpower’s SD duplicators with the push sprint card slots, contact a Vinpower Digital representative today.


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