Vinpower's Cronus publishing systems show their superiority and usefulness in pulling content from the cloud to safely burn critical evidence.

In Taiwan, the Taiwanese Criminal Investigation Bureau used a Vinpower manufactured Cronus publishing systems to maintain records of critical evidence. Recently an article was posted in the Taiwanese news highlighting the Vinpower Cronus publishing systems, touting the products ability to pull content from cloud servers and burn specific material onto discs, which they would individually label to detail its content.

Optical discs, like CD's, DVD's, and Blu-ray discs are the most secure method of storing content and are often used by crime bureaus to preserve evidence. But that's not the only use, as there are many institutions that could benefit from a publishing system like the Cronus series. Libraries, Financial Institutions, Medical, Research, Education, Government, and so many other elements of society would benefit tremendously by maintaining secure records that cannot be altered or infected with viruses, protecting the integrity of the content for many years to come.

Click on the link for more details about the Cronus Publishing Systems, and discover how it can make a difference for you.



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