Anyone can make a good 1st impression,
but who holds up over the long term?

CeBIT 2013

When someone purchases a duplicator, especially a larger version with more than 7 burner drives, they tend to make numerous copies, running the duplicators for hours at a time. However, when people want to test a duplicator’s worth, they will do so by just running 1 or a small handful of copies on a fresh duplicator that doesn’t even have enough time to heat up. Ultimately, they are not getting a true result because they are only getting the best outcome under optimal circumstances. But that’s not the reality of a true duplication environment.

For a majority of those using duplicators, they are using the duplicators constantly, without a cool down period and the drives become very hot, which will cause some of the drives to become unstable. After as few as 5 to 6 constant duplication sessions, you’ll find the drive become very hot and if you’re not using a Vinpower duplicator, you’ll find that 1 or more of the drives will not be able to maintain the consistent burn speed and have a speed drop. Because all of the drives are tied together, the other drives will either have to drop the speed as well, or it’ll result in 1 or more defective burns and a waste of time and money.

That’s why Vinpower builds their duplicators to offer consistent duplication quality over the long run and not just for the 1st run. Vinpower blends the perfect balance of an intelligent controller that maintains the balance between all the drives to run simultaneously without succumbing to speed drops. At the same time, Vinpower only uses the top quality drives and other parts that can handle the prolonged high intensity duplication jobs without high failure rates.

To learn more about how the Vinpower duplicators can hold up far better than the competition, contact a Vinpower representative or visit our website, www.vinpower.eu.


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