What difference does it make in how good the music sounds if your disc won't play?

Many people may think that CD's are a thing of the past and went the way of the dinosaur. But you'd be surprised by the number of people that still prefer a physical CD over an MP3 or other audio file. In many cases, it’s because it’s just easier and the easiest way to play music in a car. For others, it could be that they prefer having the actual disc or that they still don't have another means to listen to music. Whatever the case, the reality is that CD’s are still being used and they are not going away anytime soon.

The problem is that not all of the recordable CD-R's provide the same playback compatibility or quality. Because the CD-R manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to price cut, they will use a cheaper plastic, dye, or make it as thin as they can get away with. This affects the reflectivity which impacts the playback, especially in car CD players. The PioData CD-R does focuses on making sure that all of its discs have the highest compatibility and playback quality. That’s why the PioData CD-R's still use the high grade AZO dye, which is evident due to the bluish look of the recording side of the disc.

The AZO dye provides the best reflectivity, especially in finicky CD players like the kinds used in cars, especially older models. So when you care about the quality of your music and want to make sure that everyone that listens to it will hear the true quality of the music, instead of cracks or nothing at all, get PioData CD-R media. You know that it’s true when you see the Blue!

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