Can your Internet bandwidth support
the Ultra HD 4K content capacity?

When 4K becomes the new standard in hi-def television, the content capacity will make streaming a lot more difficult due to bandwidth limitations, so physical media will become the de facto method of viewing. Most movie or TV content, including hi-def 1080p programing, can easily be streamed through the Internet, if an individual has a high enough broadband speed. However, with the new Ultra HD 4K content coming soon, this content will be much too large to easily and quickly stream to one’s TV or personal computer. A typical Blu-ray movie, even with all the extra content, fits on a 25GB single layer BD disc. With Ultra HD content, which is 4 times larger, it would take a much larger 100+GB BDXL disc to contain it. So, the idea of streaming a 2 hour 4K movie is very remote at this point. These limitations in capacity, at least in the near future, will require early adopters and technology to go back to physical media that can store such high capacity content.

The good news is that Vinpower will be ready with duplication hardware and media that will be able to work with 4K content and duplicate it without issue. When this changeover will take place, I don’t know but I am certain that Vinpower will be ready.

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