A recent article stated that Sony and Panasonic have formulated “Archival Disc”

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There’s only one way to ensure your important data and files are backed up properly and unaltered, and that’s storing it on optical disc media. Only optical discs provide a reliable storage medium that prevents that content from being altered or deleted, accidentally or on purpose. Flash media, magnetic tape, the

An article, recently published in CDRLabs.com, announced that the Sony Corporation in conjunction with the Panasonic Corporation, have established the guidelines by which all future professional use, next generation, optical discs should adhere to. These discs are anticipated to increase in capacity up to 1TB in the not so distant future. Optical discs, due to its resistance to harmful elements, like dust, wind, water, and it’s backwards compatibility, makes them the idea storage method for archival data, hence the label, Archival Discs. For more details, feel free to read the article yourself on Vinpower’s website by clicking on or copy paste the following link: http://www.cdrlabs.com/News/sony-and-panasonic-announce-archival-disc-standard-for-professional-use-next-generation-optical-discs.html

This is another example of how the optical discs looks to remain relevant for many years to come and why Vinpower Digital will be there to assist with all of your optical disc duplication hardware, media or accessory needs. Contact a Vinpower representative today for more details on how we can help you.


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