Vinpower is now offering a line of true archival grade 25GB Blu-ray media.

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How are you backing up your critical files? If you’re merely storing these files, images, and other content on a hard drive, server, or even in the cloud, you’re taking a big risk. Optical media is the most secure way to save critical digital content without the risk of the content being altered or hacked! Imagine the horror of having previous photos and videos of your children wiped out because your hard drive becomes corrupted or is attacked by a virus. Those moments are impossible to replace. If you have a financial or legal institution, and your servers are hacked and critical data is altered or removed, how would you recover?

Storing data on a standard optical media leaves the material susceptible to degradation or erosion over time (typically anywhere from 2 to 7 years) that could wipe out some or all of the content on the discs. To prevent this, Vinpower’s archival Blu-ray media, uses a rock like material that has been tested to retain all of the data stored on the disc for hundreds up to potentially 1000’s of years, ensuring that your important files will be available and not tampered with or altered anytime you need them. Plus, using Blu-ray technology allows the user to hold a much greater amount of data, up to 25GB’s, which is over 5 to 25 times more, compared to standard DVD or CD media.


  • The 25 GB Vinpower Archival Blu-ray retains all of the longevity characteristics of the Vinpower M-Disc DVD but can store five times the data.
  • The Vinpower Archival Blu-ray’s data layer is composed of rock-like materials known to last for centuries. By etching into the rock-like data layer, a permanent physical data record is created that is immune to data rot caused by light, heat, humidity and more.
  • Vinpower Archival Blu-ray is competitively priced, making it attractive and affordable to consumers and enterprises alike.
  • The Vinpower Archival Blu-ray is manufactured to industry standards making it compatible with nearly all Blu-ray writers on the market.

For more details about the Vinpower Archival Blu-ray media, please contact Vinpower Digital or a Vinpower representative today.



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