The most secure method to back-up your critical data is using the Cronus and 1,000-year archival M-Disc Blu-ray media from Vinpower

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There’s only one way to ensure your important data and files are backed up properly and unaltered, and that’s storing it on optical disc media. Only optical discs provide a reliable storage medium that prevents that content from being altered or deleted, accidentally or on purpose. Flash media, magnetic tape, the cloud, etc. can all have their content altered, deleted, or even infected with a virus. When you’re dealing with critical data, like at financial, medical, government, or other institutions, which require regular backups of their server files, even standard optical discs are only a temporary solution. Standard optical discs only last between 5 to 7 years on average before they begin to degrade or oxidize, causing content to be lost. Using Vinpower’s M-Disc Blu-ray recordable media with the Blu-ray Cronus Publishing system, provides over 1,000 years of archival assurance.

The Cronus can be configured to utilize watch folders and automatically record a specific set of important data content in regular intervals directly onto the Vinpower line of M-Discs Blu-ray archival media. With 25GB of storage capacity on each disc, the Blu-ray 1,000-year archival M-Disc provides a great deal of capacity to store a great deal of content on a single disc. The Vinpower archival M-Disc BD media offer’s over 5 times more storage capacity, compared to typical archival DVD media.

The Cronus L800 publishing systems are specifically fine-tuned to work with the 1,000-year M-Disc Archival Media, and provide lights out operations 24/7 to create the ultimate back-up archival solution. For more information, contact a Vinpower representative or visit our website at www.vinpower.eu.


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