Sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction. Imagine your Blu-ray player being able to detect dangerous bacteria in your food and beverages.

Shark Copier

Who knew that your standard everyday Blu-ray player could double as a testing facility to check your food and water for dangerous bacteria, like Salmonella? According to an article posted on the PBS website, http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/tech/blu-ray-players-can-test-your-food-for-salmonella/, researchers discovered they could accurately use a standard Blu-ray player for medical purposes by performing a simple hack on the systems operating software. It was discovered that because of the special coating on Blu-ray discs and the fact that the blue laser can be focused on a much smaller area than a standard red laser, they make a perfect combination to be adapted into the medical field.

So next time you’re watching the incredible clarity of a hi-def Blu-ray movie with surround sound, rest comfortably knowing that the same Blu-ray player and media could also test your popcorn and beverage for harmful bacteria*. That puts a whole new twist on the casual dinner and a movie night!

Vinpower Digital offers multiple lines of recordable Blu-ray media, drives, duplicators and related products, which will make the world a better and more entertaining place for everyone.

*Do not try to check food and liquids for bacteria using your own Blu-ray players, you will most likely break them and Vinpower will not be responsible for any loss. So just be amazed and leave the science to the scientist.


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