Vinpower Acquired Optodisc Media, which makes you the winner!

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Vinpower Acquired Optodisc Media, which makes you the winner!

Optodisc has been a recognized optical disc media line within the duplication industry since the introduction of the recordable DVD in the early 2000’s. To bolster our media presence, Vinpower acquired Optodisc, along with all IP’s, disc formulas (for recordable layer and printable surfaces), and the Media Identification code (MID). Having the Optodisc line allows Vinpower to provide an array of new media offerings, which Vinpower has complete control over the manufacture, quality, performance, and price. Our goal is to produce a superior line of optical disc media, which can hold up to the heavy constant use found in the duplication industry. In addition, Vinpower’s line of Optodisc media, offers an ideal printable surface for both inkjet and thermal printers, providing a more professional look and quality. Optodisc offers all this, at a very low price point, which can appeal to a wide range of media users and duplication customers.

Some of the strengths for Vinpower’s Optodisc line of media include:

  • Low price point to meet any budget
  • Made in Taiwan, for better quality and reliability
  • Wide printable surface covering 23mm to 118mm on CD & DVD
  • Superior printable surfaces for both inkjet and thermal printers
  • Glossy water and scratch resistant inkjet printable surface available across full line of media formats
  • Backwards compatible, so the Optodisc media line is recognized and supported through older legacy drives for optimal compatibility.

There is so much more to discover about Vinpower’s Optodisc media line, contact a Vinpower representative today for more details and availability.



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