Vinpower’s line of Hard Drive Duplicators can copy Hard Drives sizes 3TB and beyond

Shark Copier

As safe data storage becomes more and more of a hot button topic, the next issue is what to store the data on and how to transfer that content across multiple devices quickly and accurately. Optical discs are still the preferred method for long term data storage, but it’s still limited in capacity, especially when dealing with multiple Terabytes of data. Only a hard drive can store that much content on a single device.

Vinpower has developed a line of hard drive duplicators that are capable of copying extremely large capacity hard drives. They can copy 3TB HDD’s, with the ability to copy even larger capacity HDD’s as they become available. Whether you need to make a single backup or multiple clones, the Vinpower line of HDD/SSD Duplicators can create fast, reliable and accurate copies of virtually all hard drives, including 3TB or larger.

For more information on these enhanced HDD duplicators, contact a Vinpower representative today.


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