Media Manufacturers Possibly Looking to Increase Pricing on Media in July

Shark Copier

There’s always speculation about pricing, on everything from stocks to the price of optical discs. However, I’ve heard from multiple sources, including an article by Aaron Lee, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 3 June 2014], quoting that multiple media manufactures have indicated that media pricing could increase anywhere from 5% to 15%. This may not happen all at once, but could be spread out over a number of months. Is this a gradual rise in costs to bring pricing back to a profitable level for the manufacturers, or a short term money grab due to higher demand? It’s been said that increased demand in the emerging markets, like South America and the Middle East, have stretched manufacturer’s production to its limits.

I don’t know the details or if the price increases will happen at all, but it’s important to share and allow our friends and partners to research and decide if the increases look credible or if you don’t feel they would create a disruption. In any event, if you want to ensure todays rates, I would recommend placing your orders this month to avoid any potential pricing adjustments down the road.

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