Vinpower is introducing a new line of low cost GLOSSY inkjet printable discs for an amazingly vibrant finish

Shark Copier

With the release of Vinpower’s new line of Liquid Defense Plus (LDP), which provides a high level of protection against moisture and scratches in a glossy white inkjet printable surface across nearly all formats of optical media, the reaction has been overwhelmingly impressive. However, there are still a number of those looking for a high gloss inkjet printable media at a lower cost. These media users are willing to sacrifice the water and scratch resistance, which the LDP provides, yet they still want the glossy surface to make their printed media stand apart from the typical muted inkjet printable media with its matte finish. It is for those individuals that Vinpower developed a new line of Glossy White Inkjet Printable Media, which will be available across nearly all media formats, including CD, DVD, DVD DL, and Blu-ray.

This Glossy White Inkjet Printable Media creates a natural shine and makes the colors on the printed disc so much more vibrant than standard inkjet printable media. Plus it’s just a few cents more than Vinpower’s already low price standard inkjet printable media. So whether you are looking to use the media in your own production or looking to add an OEM version to bolster your own media product line, the new Glossy White Inkjet Printable Media from Vinpower is the right choice for you.

Contact a Vinpower representative today to get more information and to discuss the option of securing samples.




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