All the talk about Blu-ray content has been about a better picture, what about better sound?

Shark Copier

This week the first Blu-ray home video to carry the true theater sound capability was released. Paramount Pictures, Transformers: Age of Extinction, was released on September 30th, 2014 featuring the new Dolby Atmos sound capability. Those with the Dolby Atmos receivers and speakers, will be able to hear the movies in the same manner that those watching in the hi-def or more likely the eventual 4k will be able to watch, with perfect clarity.

Between 4K clarity and the Dolby Atmos sound, we are that much closer to being transported directly into the movie. No matter how clear the picture is, without a complimentary sound component, you are not getting the true movie viewing experience. That’s why retailers this fall will start offering viewing rooms in the stores that are equipped with the Dolby Atmos sound capabilities to give the customer the full experience of how watching a movie at home could and should be.

Vinpower always stays ahead of the curve, when it comes to digital technology. When new features and formats are available on the market, Vinpower will certainly work to support it and make it available to our customer base before anyone else.



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