Vinpower SD Duplicators have no limit in capacity for duplication

Shark Copier

Kingston just announced they are releasing a 256GB capacity SD card, which is enormous, but not too big for the Vinpower SD Duplicator. SD cards are the standard for video camera, cell phones, tablets, etc., so it’s only reasonable that SD card manufacturers will create larger and larger capacity cards. So why would you want to limit your production with a SD duplicator that can’t accurately duplicate these large scale flash media, like the 256GB SD card? Vinpower makes sure that our flash duplicators, including the SD/Micro SD range of duplicators can match any capacity on the market, for a reliable and accurate duplication.

So if you need to make copies of SD cards, either standard size or Micro SD versions, Vinpower’s line of SD/Micro SD duplicators are always ready and capable. Contact a Vinpower representative to learn more about our full range of Flash, Optical Disc, and Hard Drive duplicators, components, accessories, and more.


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