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The iXflash App offers free benefits for everyday use, even without the iXflash drive.


Optiarc offers new line of robust SSD, preventing data loss and failures due to latent flash issues


Optical Disc Manufacturers saw huge spikes in stock prices as a result of last weeks massive global outages for key social media sites.


OptoDisc inkjet printable media designed to provide optimal print quality with Primera’s line of inkjet printers.


VP Recorder is a NEW copy protection software for your computer!

2017/04 OptoDiscs special thermal printable coating and enhanced packaging prevents thermal discs from sticking together so they don’t stop your production.
2017/04 For the most lifelike video imagery, true HDR capability makes all the difference.
2017/02 Vinpower has enabled its entire range of optical disc duplicators with their exclusive copy protection feature for both DVD and Blu-ray* discs.
2017/01 Imagine multiple Petabytes of data on a single optical disc, that may be a reality.
2017/01 Optical discs have superior sound and video quality compared to streaming, when viewing 4K UHD content.
2016/12 New 4K Ultra HD TV sales have increased this holiday season opening the doors for more 4K movie titles to be released
2016/11 The Plextor PX-891SAF drive is globally available with ample stock at all Vinpower warehouses, including in USA, Europe, and Asia.
2016/09 The OptoDisc Inkjet printable media is perfect for robotic autoloader because it helps prevent the discs sticking together
2016/08 Vinpower has developed a new method of DVD Video Copy Protection that DOES NOT require a dongle/license
2016/07 The OptoDisc line of DVD+R DL officially supports burning up to 8.7GB data
2016/06 All of Vinpower's Optical Disc Duplicators can accommodate the largest available 8TB HDD's
2016/05 Facebook is archiving their massive cold data onto optical discs for safer and more cost effective long term storage
2016/04 Vinpower introduces its latest evolution in the escalation of USB duplication, the USB DupeBox
2016/03 Vinpower’s exclusive standalone Network and Copy Connect features are compatible with the latest Apple Mac computer iOS 10.10 (Yosemite) & 10.11 (El Capitan)
2016/02 Optical Discs are the safest and most cost effective method for digital Back-Up and Archiving
2016/01 Check out how easy and useful the iConnect Mini from PQI USA is to use through this tutorial video
2015/12 Vinpower’s Plextools software can identify the where a copy was created from.
2015/12 Out now: Copyprotection for Blu-ray
2015/11 Sony to release multiple movie titles on 4k Ultra HD Discs in early 2016
2015/11 Vinpower is now offering Plextools software, which can measure a media’s PIPO results to identify media quality
2015/11 The Plextor DVD Writer Drive is Back!
2015/11 All versions of OPTODISC DVD-R and DVD+R media come standard with a metalized hub.
2015/10 OptoDisc Inkjet Printable media allows the user to print in FAST MODE on an Epson PP-100 without any bending lines
2015/10 Vinpower now offering free upgrade from 480GB to 1TB SSD on all Cronus BD/DVD/CD Plus Publishing systems
2015/10 Sharp showcases their new AQUOS 4K Recorder Ultra HD Blu-ray player / recorder at the 2015 CEATEC JAPAN.
2015/10 In an effort to restructure, Imation has accelerated plans to exit the media business
2015/09 Now available from Samsung, the world’s first consumer ready 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player.
2015/98 Recordable Blu-ray discs to increase 7.7% CAGR to over 2.5 Billion over the next 10 years
2015/08 Vinpower manufacturers’ hardware, has its own line of recordable media, and is intimately involved with drive manufacturers, which makes us the ultimate expert in Duplication.
2015/08 Vinpower is the global exclusive distributor for the latest line of duplication quality Plextor writer drives, with the PX-891SAF drive.
2015/08 Standalone duplicators offer better protection against computer viruses
2015/07 Vinpower’s roots are as a hardware manufacturer with the SharkCopier as its signature achievement.
2015/07 Customers have spoken and they rated the PlexDisc Liquid Defense Plus line of blank media 5 stars!
2015/07 Vinpower’s MiniLoader VDX-1 is the most cost effective, time saving compact DVD autoloader on the market.
2015/07 Vinpower’s roots are as a hardware manufacturer with the SharkCopier as its signature achievement.
2015/06 Sony and others are dedicated to making a big push at dominating the archival cold storage market with optical discs.
2015/06 Optodisc is the preferred alternative when Taiyo Yuden/JVC Stops Production
2015/05 The next Generation 4K UHD Blu-ray players are expected to be available in time for the 2015 holidays
2015/05 Vinpower’s roots are as a hardware manufacturer with the SharkCopier as its signature achievement.
2015/04 Optical Discs still the most cost effective and safest method of long term storage
2015/04 Recordable DVD’s offer the best cost performance when burned at 8x speed.

Optodisc DVD’s are made to offer exceptional quality and consistency for reliable duplication time after time

2015/03 Using Wi-Fi for personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets, could make your data vulnerable.
2015/03 Discarded Flash devices (USB, SD, etc.) could still have vital data left inside

Vinpower Celebrates The Year Of The Goat In 2015

2015/02 Coming Soon: A new Plextools Disc Analyzer Software from Vinpower
2015/02 Optodisc Stands For Consistent Quality and Stability.
2015/01 When your Hard Drive becomes corrected, duplicating it with a Vinpower HDD duplicator could save most of your critical files.
2015/01 Reformatting a hard drive does not fully erase it, Vinpower’s HDD Duplicators can perform a secure erase for total security.
2014/12 Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year
2014/12 Regardless of the size, shape, or capacity of the USB Pen Drive, Vinpower's USB Duplicators can copy it.
2014/12 Vinpower will introduce the extremely inexpensive VDX-1 CD/DVD/Blu-ray Autoloader at CES
2014/12 Using advanced technology, Vinpower is able to create the most water resistant inkjet printable media for our Liquid Defense Plus line.
2014/11 In the US, we will celebrate Thankgiving this week, so Vinpower would like to give Thanks to you!
2014/11 Vinpower SD Duplicators have no limit in capacity for duplication
2014/11 The data on archival discs isn’t the only thing that should last for hundreds of years, the printed label on the discs needs to have an archival quality too!
2014/11 Don't let "Taiwan Solution" fool you, it's not authentic unless it says "Made in Taiwan"
2014/10 Vinpower’s duplication controller works better than the competition, especially when the conditions are less than ideal!
2014/10 Vinpower's Liquid Defense Plus Glossy Water & Scratch Resistant Media is available in Blu-ray 25GB & 50GB
2014/10 DVD+R is a more reliable, can be recorded at higher speeds and is more accurate than DVD-R
2014/10 All the talk about Blu-ray content has been about a better picture, what about better sound?
2014/09 The Blu-ray Disc Association announces its approval for a 200GB double-sided disc specification, clearing the way for production
2014/09 2015 will bring True 4K video resolution to your living room
2014/09 September starts the fall sales season, do you have enough inventory on hand?
2014/09 Over 100 celebrities had hundreds of pictures of them stolen from the cloud and posted online, doesn’t sound too secure.
2014/08 The USB Promoter Group is working on a new USB connection that will allow users to plug in their USB device easier
2014/08 Vinpower offers a range of thermal printable media that works with all of the major thermal printers, including Rimage and TEAC.
2014/08 Vinpower produces an array of inkjet printable media for all facets of the industry, which one is best for you?
2014/07 Vinpower is introducing a new line of low cost GLOSSY inkjet printable discs for an amazingly vibrant finish
2014/07 The push toward Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K video is increasing the capacity of virtually all recordable media
2014/06 Media Manufacturers Possibly Looking to Increase Pricing on Media in July
2014/05 Vinpower’s line of Hard Drive Duplicators can copy Hard Drives sizes 3TB and beyond
2014/05 Vinpower Acquired Optodisc Media, which makes you the winner!
2014/05 Sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction. Imagine your Blu-ray player being able to detect dangerous bacteria in your food and beverages.
2014/05 Data Archiving is the Next Frontier for Optical Media
2014/04 Vinpower's Standalone Printer Controller allows the user to quickly & easily print their discs without a computer.
2014/04 The most secure method to back-up your critical data is using the Cronus and 1,000-year archival M-Disc Blu-ray media from Vinpower
2014/04 Vinpower is now offering a line of true archival grade 25GB Blu-ray media.
2014/04 The most secure method to back-up your critical data is using the Cronus and 1,000-year archival M-Disc Blu-ray media from Vinpower
2014/03 A recent article stated that Sony and Panasonic have formulated “Archival Disc”
2014/03 Vinpower’s Liquid Defense Plus is available across all formats, including Blu-ray
2014/03 Vinpower recently released a video showing the great advantage of the Liquid Defense Plus over standard inkjet printable media
2014/01 Can your Internet bandwidth support the Ultra HD 4K content capacity?
2013/11 Vinpower Duplication Plus, supported by Verbatim, chosen as Editor's Pick for top media in quality and value.
2013/11 What difference does it make in how good the music sounds if your disc won't play?
2013/10 Vinpower's Cronus publishing systems show their superiority and usefulness in pulling content from the cloud to safely burn critical evidence.
2013/10 The Plexcopier series of duplicators will now use the Plextor drives exclusively.
2013/10 Anyone can make a good 1st impression, but who holds up over the long term?
2013/09 The Plextor PX-891SAW has quickly caught on with the ODD market.
2013/09 Vinpower uses the more reliable push spring technology on SD and Micro-SD/TF Card slots, to ensure a more secure connection.
2013/08 Vinpower's USB duplicators can come with optional upgraded power supplies to better accommodate the large capacity external HDD's with USB connections.
2013/08 Duplication Controller
2013/08 Scientists in England are researching ways of using crystals to create an optical disc capable of storing 360 TB of data on a single disc!
2013/07 Vinpower previously announced the impending arrival of the revamped PioData line of media and we are giving you a sneak peek
2013/07 With more and more mobile devices utilizing SD flash technology, the need for SD Duplicators is growing by leaps and bounds.
2013/06 Special Offer for SharkCopier
2013/05 A recent Consumer Reports article shows that the market for Blu-ray discs has risen 26% from a year ago
2013/04 The demand for the Optiarc 5280S-CB PLUS drive, with the DVD+R DL 8.7GB Overburn capability, has exceeded expectations and created a shortage in the current supply
2013/03 Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the 2013 CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany
2012/11 Vinpower's controllers and assembled duplicators can support the current 15x Blu-ray Burner drives.
2012/11 Vinpower will supply the enhanced Sony Optiarc Duplication CB model writer drive for at least the next 3 years.
2012/10 Vinpower offers an extensive line of automated duplicators from a small desktop version to large production models.
2012/10 Did you know that Vinpower offers multiple instructional videos on our website?
2012/09 The Aero autoloader series duplicator is the latest line of market leading standalone robotic loading duplicators.
2012/09 Vinpower Digital's Hard Drive (HDD) Duplicator has proven to be an excellent IT office accessory.
2012/09 Don't get left behind, speed up with a USB 3.0 connection on your Blu-ray duplicator
2012/09 Vinpower is offering a FREE DAY PASS to the GITEX trade show.
2012/09 Vinpower's controllers can support multiple HDD's within a single duplicator for greater storage capacity
2012/09 One Button Operation
2012/09 Hot Off The Press: Our New Single Page Product Brochures.
Be The First And Get Them At IBC 2012!
2012/08 Vinpower's TITAN Supreme Blu-ray Autoloader can provide the quality, output and reliability of a full-scale Blu-ray replication line without the massive costs.
2012/08 The 2013 International CES Trade Show is Offering Free Admission Now Through Friday, August 31, 2012
2012/08 Vinpower Can Assist with Repairs for Non-Vinpower Duplication Equipment.
2012/08 Only the SharkCopier can overcome the dramatic heat waves affecting the climates around the world
2012/07 Market for SD Cards to Reach $21.3 Billion by 2018
2012/07 Unleash the possibilities of your project using a Vinpower 1 to 1 Blu-ray duplicator with a USB 3.0 external connection.
2012/07 The Venetian printer with continuous ink,
more than just a simple disc printer…
2012/07 Vinpower can provide a version of their regular
NEWSLETTER in multiple languages
2012/07 Vinpower EMEA is taking part in the social network.
2012/06 Have you heard about the new GOLD LTH Blu-ray recordable media?
2012/06 What makes the Sony-CB drives the preferred writer drive for the duplication market?
2012/06 Vinpower appreciates all of the many visitors to our booth at this year's Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan.
2012/06 Vinpower Digital's market leading Copy Connect feature works with a broad array of interfaces.

2012/05 New Xerox "lite edition" Disc Duplicators Make Burning High Quality DVD/CDs More Affordable
2012/05 Vinpower is pulling out all of the stops for our exhibition at Computex, in Taipei, Taiwan. Make an appointment.
2012/05 Vinpower’s popular Copy Connect feature is now available for use through Apple’s Mac series computers.
2012/04 Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our exhibit at the NAB trade show in Las Vegas, NV
2012/04 Vinpower offers a new upgraded Gigabit Ethernet/LAN Network Card with added USB 3.0 connection for faster transfer rates
2012/04 Vinpower's Aero VI Autoloader Reviewed by Videomaker Magazine
2012/04 Make an appointment to meet with Vinpower at our booth during NAB
2012/03 Vinpower Digital announces they have officially certified the Sony Optiarc 5280-CB Writer Drive for use within its full duplicator line
2012/03 Vinpower Digital is offering a new line of duplicators specifically for eMMC/MMC v4.3/4.4 chips
2012/03 Vinpower Digital would like to thank everyone that visited our exhibit at the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany.
2011/12 Vinpower will make an announcement about a new advance offering exclusively to those who visit our booth at CES
2011/12 Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!
2011/12 Now available, the new 6 drive Aero series autoloader duplicator!
2011/12 Vinpower Digital's controller offers superior Blu-ray duplication capability!
2011/11 Vinpower is the only manufacturer to offer a true copy connect feature through their lines of standalone duplicators
2011/11 Vinpower Digital offers advanced Sony Optiarc 5260-CB drive
2011/11 Vinpower now offers a line of specialty Archival Media with the longest certified storage capabilities
2011/11 Vinpower Digital announces its expansion into Europe,
Middle East & Africa with an office in Germany.
2011/10 Vinpower's popular method of transferring content from a PC to the Duplicator's HDD is now available using USB 3.0 for faster transfer rates.
2011/06 Vinpower's series of TITAN autoloaders continue to work successfully in the field even after years of constant use in a 24/7 duplication environment.
2011/01 Vinpower Digital now offers the option of adding an eSATA external connection to all duplicators equipped with PC connectivity
2010/08 USB duplicator is certified to work with the largest flash storage devices available
2010/07 The Importance of the Memory Buffer in an Optical Disc Duplication Controller
2010/07 Vinpower Digital's Copy Protection works with all DVD video formats and is compatible with Window's 7
2010/06 Debunking the Myth of the Native SATA Superiority!
2010/06 TRUE Asynchronous USB or SD/Micro SD flash Duplication
2010/06 Blu-ray Helps DVD+R DL Media Popularity
2010/05 Optical Quantum offers full series of GLOSSY inkjet pritable media
2010/05 Cube 3 now available with optional copy protection feature
2010/04 Vinpower Digital expands its flash media duplicator offering to include the SD/Micro SD Duplicator series
2010/04 LightScribe capability on all Daisy Chain Duplicator series





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